Saturday, May 23, 2009

America's Best and Worst Burgers

The burger industry in America is looking more and more like an arms race these days. Every few months, we watch in horror as another bacon-enhanced, cheese-embalmed, ranch-riddled weapon of mass inflation hits menu boards at the country’s largest restaurant chains.

Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing
2,040 calories
150 g fat (53 g saturated)
110 g protein
4,900 mg sodium

T.G.I. Friday’s Cheesy Bacon Cheeseburger
1,590 calories
unknown g fat
unknown mg sodium

Red Robbin A.1. Peppercorn Burger
1,440 calories
97 g fat

Denny’s Double Cheeseburger
1,540 calories
116 g fat (52 g saturated, 7 g trans)
3,880 mg sodium

Dairy Queen ½ lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger
1,140 calories
82 g fat (27 g saturated, 1.5 g trans)
1,940 mg sodium

Hardee’s Two-Third Pound Monster Thickburger
1,420 calories
108 g fat (43 g saturated)
2,770 mg sodium

Ruby Tuesday Bella Turkey Burger
1,057 calories
65 g fat


DQ Original Burger
350 calories
14 g fat (7 g saturated)
680 mg sodium

Wendy’s Quarter-Pound Single
430 calories
20 g fat (7 g saturated)
870 mg sodium

Burger King Whopper Jr. w/o mayo
370 calories
21 g fat (6 g saturated)
570 mg sodium

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder
410 calories
19 g fat (7 g saturated)
730 mg sodium

In-N-Out Protein-Style Protein-Style Cheeseburger
330 calories
25 g fat (9 g saturated)
720 mg sodium

I hope these information I have provided would help you choosing the best for your diet!!:)


kareeza said...

Thanks for your information, It can help to decide which burger I wanted to buy

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Anjani said...

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Sherin@The Money Maniac said...

Hey that is a good list. I have visited US last year and tasted some of the items from the shop, that is coming to your best Berger list. As an investor, I have heard about wendy's, certainly the items from them are fantastic compare with others.

Bonnielona said...

I always prefered Buger King to any other fast food joint. Great to know that the Burger King Whopper Jr with Mayo is healthier than the others!


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