Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu, is this the big one?

Health officials want to take every step to prevent an outbreak from spiraling into mass casualties. Predicting influenza is a dicey endeavor, with the U.S. government famously guessing wrong in 1976 about a swine flu pandemic that never materialized.

The epicenter was Mexico, where the virus is blamed for 86 deaths and an estimated 1,400 cases in the country since April 13. Schools were closed, church services canceled and Mexican President Felipe Calderon assumed new powers to isolate people infected with the swine flu virus.

International concern magnified as health officials across the world on Sunday said they were investigating suspected cases in people who traveled to Mexico and come back with flu-like illnesses. Among the nations reporting confirmed cases or investigations were Canada, France, Israel and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there were no deaths and all patients had either recovered or were recovering. But the confirmed cases around the nation rose from eight on Saturday morning to 20 by Sunday afternoon, including eight high school kids in New York City — a national media center.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials say that so far swine flu cases in this country have been mild. But they also say more cases are likely to be reported, at least partly because doctors and health officials across the country are looking intensively for suspicious cases. And, troublingly, more severe cases are also likely, said Dr. Richard Besser, the CDC's acting director, in a Sunday news conference.

"As we continue to look for cases, we are going to see a broader spectrum of disease," he predicted. "We're going to see more severe disease in this country."

Flu pandemics have been occurring with some regularity since at least the 1500s, but the frame of reference for health officials is the catastrophe of 1918-19. That one killed an estimated 20 to 50 million people worldwide.

Disease testing and tracking were far less sophisticated then, but the virus appeared in humans and pigs at about the same time and it was known as both Spanish flu and swine flu. Experts since then have said the deadly germ actually originated in birds.

But pigs may have made it worse. That pandemic began with a wave of mild illness that hit in the spring of 1918, followed by a far deadlier wave in the fall which was most lethal to young, healthy adults. Scientists have speculated that something happened to the virus after the first wave — one theory held that it infected pigs or other animals and mutated there — before revisiting humans in a deadlier form.

Pigs are considered particularly susceptible to both bird and human viruses and a likely place where the kind of genetic reassortment can take place that might lead to a new form of deadly, easily spread flu, scientists believe

Federal officials vaccinated 40 million Americans. The pandemic never materialized, but thousands who got the shots filed injury claims, saying they suffered a paralyzing condition and other side effects from the vaccinations.

To this day, health officials don't know why the 1976 virus petered out.

Flu shots have been offered in the United States since the 1940s, but new types of flu viruses have remained a threat. Global outbreaks occurred again in 1957 and 1968, though the main victims were the elderly and chronically ill.

In the last several years, experts have been focused on a form of bird flu that was first reported in Asia. It's a highly deadly strain that has killed more than 250 people worldwide since 2003. Health officials around the world have taken steps to prepare for the possibility of that becoming a global outbreak, but to date that virus has not gained the ability to spread easily from person to person.

This news is according to Yahoo News pubished in April 27, 2009.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Solutions for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Eat healthy foods for healthy hair, remember that your hair gets nourishment from what you eat. Proper nutritious meal along with natural vitamins for hair loss and mineral supplements is a key factor for healthy hair growth.A healthy lifestyle will mean healthier hair for you. Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair.

Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair. Moisture makes the hair supple, so make sure you get plenty of fluids. A key point is NOT to wait until you're thirsty. If you're thirsty, it means your body has already lost more water than it should have, and it's urging you to fill up the tank. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny. Ideally, you should drink between eight and ten glasses of water a day.

Protein is the building block of hair, so a diet for healthy hair contains an awful lot of protein! Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, and will reduce the likelihood of dame through snapping and splitting. You can get protein from foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals.

Massage your scalp with your fingers daily to stimulate circulation of nourishing agents to your scalp. Avoid extreme cold and heat exposures. Use head coverings in extreme weather to prevent sudden cooling / heating of scalp and hair.

Did you know? That exercising is good for health. It improves circulation which in turn improves hair health and reduces hair loss.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can lighten your teeth safely and quickly. It is very important to go to a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening and avoid non-dentist beauty salons.
Two Types of Teeth Whitening:
Home teeth whitening – This is where custom made trays are fitted by a cosmetic dentist and you do the whitening at home. Results are seen in 1 – 2 weeks.
Laser teeth whitening – Is where the cosmetic dentist will do the whitening in the dental practice in one hour with a special laser light.
There is no alternatives in whitening you teeth, the only other way to lighten your teeth are porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can lighten you teeth, change the shape and look of teeth completely.
Did you know? That the best way and for quickest and long lsting solution for whitening your teeth is a comnbination of laser and home whitening.

Acne and its Treatment

Scars due to acne are a reminder of what used to be a flawless and pimple-free skin. For most women, it hurts that they need to deal with such ugly scars and at the same time, see other women with smooth skin free of acne scars. In other cases, women are already tired of using products that can be easily found anywhere, but do not provide them with the promised results.
Despite it being a little more costly than readily available beauty products, consulting a doctor is the best way on how to get rid of acne. The reason for this is that the doctor knows what type of treatment to give based on the patient’s skin type.
Most of the products available now in the market are intended for a more general skin type. However, most women who have acne prone skin do not see effective results from commercialized products.Acne scars cannot be easily erased with just a simple application of specific lotion intended to lighten the scars. It may take months and even years before the medication takes effect.
With today’s laser treatments and dermabrasion, people can experience better results by seeing the renewal of skin. On a different hand, some people blamegenetics for giving them an acne prone skin. The solution they look for is to correct any hormonal imbalance that causes too much acne and scars afterwards.
Having or taking oral pills is one way of solving this dilemma. There are medicines and medications prescribed by doctors but these come with a waiver. Prescription drugs for acne scars may give side effects to the patient like having abnormalities on the baby in the event the patient gets pregnant while taking the pills.Before going through acne medication, consult a doctor first to decide which procedure can work more effectively with your skin type and with your budget.

Brown Rice and its Benefits

The white rice you rely on might look like a whole-grain, but its nutritiuos outer layer has beenmilled away. Brown rice is a whole-grain version, and Muscle & Fitness recommends you to consume plenty of whole grains for the health and weight management benefits they provide.

Experts say the difference between brown rice and the more popular white rice is not just the color. White rice actually lacks the necessary quantities of over a dozen important nutrients, including vitamin E, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B1, B3, B6, folacin, potassium, magnesium and iron.

Most people who eat brown rice expect to derive the health benefits that are attributed to this type of rice. Some benefits have been medically proven and research is continously being conducted to study the nutritional value of brown rice. It is widely believed that brown rice helps control blood pressure and also reduces wide fluctuations in blood sugar. The high fiber content of brown rice has a good effect on controlling cholestrol and cholestrol control is of prime importance in keeping away heart disease.

Did you know? That brown rice is high in fiber and the health benefits of high fiber content foods are numerous, it reduces the possibility of heart diseases, helps avoid abrupt spikes in sugar levels, helps digestion and reduces constipation etc.

Breads and its benefits

Which is best? White Bread or Multigrain Bread?

White and multigrain breads derive the bulk of their calories from carbohydrates. However, each type of bread affects the body differently.

The complex carbs from multigrain breads are digested more slowly and provides slower-burning forms of energy. Meanwhile, the white bread is readily digested and spikes insulin levels, which can increase the body's tendency to build muscle mass or body fat stores, depending on the time of the day it is consumed.

Eating white bread before or after work-out is good for delivering fast-digesting carbs to muscles, both to replenish glycogen and to get aminos into them for repair and growth. However, The calories form large quantities of white bread eaten at other times of day are more likely to be stored as body fat.

I would recommend you to eat multigrain bread rather than having white bread, because the complex carbs found in the former are less likely to be stored as body fat. But, if your fan of eating white breads, I would recommend you to reduce consumption at most meals of the day. Much better, consume white bread before of after workouts, because you are training, you will tend to burn them as fuel rather than storing them as body fat.

Did you know? That the average slice of white bread has about 80 calories and 15g of carbs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicken and its Benefits

Chicken is a very good source of protein and it has a big contribution for the body’s cell repairs and growth. With the skin removed, is very low in fat.

Chicken contains zinc and iron for boosting energy levels and immunity. Breast part of the chicken is particularly high in vitamin B6, which protects the heart.
Did you know? That chicken is rich in selenium, that helps preventing wrinkles and it also helps keep the hair glossy.

Grapes and its Benefits

Grape is considered to be the great source of instant energy, succulent grapes provides all-around protection.

Grapes contain an enormous number of compounds that are uniquely nourishing, thus giving them a reputation as a food for convalescents.

Did you know? That grape is high in fibre and water and is said to be a great aid for detoxifying the gut and the liver. Grape contains full antioxidants anthocyanins, flavones, and astringent tannins, grapes help to prevent “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and blood from clotting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Garlic and its Benefits

Garlic is a family of onions.

Garlic contains a sulphur compound which is said to be the allicin, which is released when garlic is crushed, encouraging the elimination of cholesterol from the body. It also detoxifies liver and act as a potent anti-inflammatory.
Did you know? That the sulphur of the garlic helps in the formation of new cells, keeping the nails, skin and hair young-looking and garlic is also considered a powerful immunity booster.
Did you know? That you can use garlic as a paint in paintings. A first Garlic Painter in the world is a Filipino and now a famous painter.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yoga and its Benefits

The aim of yoga is to unite the body, spirit and the mind, or in its most spiritual forms, the individual and the universe. Yoga is being done through physical postures, controlled breathing exercises and meditation and is often accompanied by chanting. The yoga's traditional discipline includes a healthy lifestyle, good moral habits and and a search for higher consciousness.
Yoga is very easy, but enough time and determination must be given priority. Anyone can practice yoga as part of an exercise routine or a healthy lifestyle, and main purpose if for relaxing and stress relief, or for maintaining flexibility and muscular strength.
Some types of yoga are given below:
1. Bhakti - Also known as 'devotional yoga'. It primarily involves meditation upon the idea of the existence of a divine being.
2. Raja - Also known as 'royal road'. It uses meditations, study, exercise and breathing to be the mind and emotions into balance and produce a well-rounded individual.
3. Bikram - Also known as 'hot yoga'. This type of yoga is practiced in rooms heated to around 39⁰ C. The main purpose is to sweat profusely, which loosens the muscle and tendons and promotes inner cleansing.

Ear Infections and its Treatments

Ear Infections can be occur in the ear canal or in the middle ear. Middle ear infection, called acute otitis media, causes inflammation behind the eardrum, especially the Eustachian tube, the vessel tat connects the middle ear to the throat and back of the nose.
Did you know? That most common ear infections are in children. Symptoms are sometimes fever and difficulty hearing and they may come suddenly.
The causes can be bacteria and fungi that may invade the ears in many ways, causing an infection.
The treatments can be made with antibiotics, although many middle ear infections go away on their own. Some antibiotics can be applied orally or in ear drops, which are often recommended because they lead to earlier resolution of symptoms and prevent infection complications, but some treatments can be made through surgical operation depending on the damage.
For the prevention of ear infections, Changes in physical environment, same with several self-help measures, can reduce the risk of ear infections.

Conjunctivitis and its Treatments

Conjunctivitis or "pink eye", is an inflammation of the conjunctive, which are the clear mucous membranes surrounding the white of the eye and the inside of the eyelids.
The causes of conjunctivitis can be by the bacteria or a virus, or by environmental factors such as allergy to eye makeup, pollen or any other allergens.
The treatments can be made through antibiotic ointment or eye drops to eliminate infection. But a viral conjunctivitis does not respond to antibiotics, but the body's immune system can usually get rid of the infection within a week.
For the prevention of conjunctivitis, proper personal hygiene can definitely reduce the risk of contracting or spreading conjunctivitis.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Honey and its Benefits

Honey is best known as energy food, and it also comes with many anti-ageing properties.
Honey is widely known as a natural sweetener, honey is composed of almost 80 per cent sugar. The rest comprises of vitamins, including vitamin b6, which is good for the brain, and many minerals, including calcium to strengthen the bones and it also comprise of water.
Did you know? That honey keeps the skin supple and soft.
Tips: You can use honey as a firming face mask, just mix it with egg white, glycerin and flour.

Lemon and its Benefits

The Lemon
Do you drink juices of fresh lemon? If not, well, this is the time for you to start doing so, because lemon provides wealth of youth-preserving properties.
Lemon has a very high level of vitamin C which means they are vital for gums and healthy skin.
Lemon is also known for high content of bioflovanoids, which boost the effects of vitamin C, and are particularly important for the health of blood vessels and to prevent varicose veins.

Salmon and its Benefits

Wild Salmon is extremely high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is renowned for their anti-ageing properties.
Salmon also comes with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which renowned for reducing cardiovascular disease.
The essential fatty acids have the powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and making them useful for arthritic conditions.
DHA is very important for the brain and the nervous system, helping the memory working well.
Did you know? That salmon is good for preserving youthful skin and hair. and in addition, meat of salmon is also high in protein that helps build the muscles and damaged tissues.

Milk and its Benefits

Milk is best known because of the calcium content.

Studies have proven that calcium helps to reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

Milk is a good source of vitamin B12which combats memory and hearing problem same thing with fatigue. It also contains vitamin E, which benefits the eyes, immune system and skin.

Milk also comes with potassium that is a key for fighting heart disease.Milk extremely helps to strengthen the bones and fight off heart disease.

Did you know? That the abundance calcium in milk
gives it the ability to strengthen bones and also to help stave off osteoporosis.

Olive Oil and its Benefits

Olive oil is actually a Mediterranean favorite. it contains antioxidants and fats that are central to good health and youthful beauty.
Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat, which is said and believed to have an anti-carcinogenic properties and it also help lower high blood pressure and helps prevent diabetes.
For a Healthy Heart
Did you know that Olive oil is effective against clogging of the arteries reveals that the olive's monounsaturated fats prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and therefore it stops sticking to artery walls and causing heart attacks.
Always choose the Virgin olive oil as it contains the optimum nutrients.

Raspberry Mango Salad

Raspberry Mango Salad
This is very healthy because of the raspberry.
Raspberry is rich in vitamin C and many
potent antioxidants that keep us young.

1 tablespoon raspberry vinegar
1/4 cup (1-1/2 ounces) crumbled blue cheese
1 cup torn Bibb or Boston lettuce
1 cup diced mango
3/4 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 cup watercress, stems removed
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon water
2 cups arugula
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

Easy Steps:
1. Combine mango, lettuce, arugula, raspberries, cheese and watercress in medium bowl.
2. Place remaining ingredients in small jar then shake to combine. Pour over salad and toss to coat.

Note: It must be serve immediately.

Gingko Biloba and its Benefits

Gingko Biloba an extract from gingko leaf, it has the remarkable ability of improving memory.

As we get older, the brain tends to be more forgetful and less alert and our bodies typically produce fewer neurotransmitters.

However, gingko biloba is said to increase the production of dopamine, that improves the brain's ability of transmitting information, it also improves the blood circulation, thus helping the brain and the organs to function efficiently.

Did you know? That gingko biloba is also rich in flavanoids, which are anti-carcinogenic and help protecting the body from heart disease and arthritis.

Cantaloupe Melon and its Benefits

Cantaloupe Melon
These succulent summer fruits are bursting with antioxidants to fight ageing free radicals.
Cantaloupe Melons are very rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, both of which are naturally anti-ageing and aid cell repair and growth and also supports the immune and circulatory systems.
Cantaloupe Melons contains potassium which can lower high blood pressure and "bad" LDL cholesterol.
Did you know? That Cantaloupe Melons are very high in water content and so it helps to detoxify the body.

Sweet Potato and its Benefits

Sweet Potatoes contains vitamin E and C. Sweet potatoes happens to be a fantastic youth-preserving food.
Sweet Potatoes are one of some foods containing both vitamins E and C, that works synergistically with one another to help stave off wrinkles, and also helps preserve the eyes and the memory.
Orange Sweet Potatoes are very abundant in beta-carotene that keeps the lungs, skin and eyes healthy and also supports the immune system along with the vitamin C.
Did you know? That sweet potatoes are extremely rich in antioxidants. It also contains vitamin B6 that helps on preserving memory and protects the heart.

Radish and its Benefits

Radishes are actually rich in sulphur which is very essential for youthful, healthy skin, hair and nails and also comes with anti-carcinogenic properties. It assists the body in ridding itself of toxins.

Radishes also helps clean and treat gall bladder and liver problems which might cause premature ageing.

Radishes are known to be rich in potassium for keeping the heart healthy. Also comes with calcium for the prevention of osteoporosis and vitamin C to fight against eye problems and selenium for boosting immunity.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fennel and its Benefits

Fennel is very popular in french and Italian cuisines, it boasts a host of anti-ageing properties.

Fennel has been shown to reduce inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Fennel also excellent source of vitamin C, which is needed to proper functioning of the immune system to protect the brain and to avoid ageing of the arteries.
Fennel is also rich in fiber and may help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels.
In addition, fennel is also a good source of folic acid, a vitamins that lowers the risk of heart disease.

Eggs and its Benefits

The Eggs, both yolks and whites, pack with powerful punch when it comes to anti-ageing nutrients.

Did you know? Eggs are very high in protein and it contains the eight essential amino acids, that help to make up the building blocks for the entire body, benefiting everything from skin to hair, and bones to muscles.
Eggs are also good source of zinc. Zinc helps boost immunity and is also a vital for the production of collagen which is needed for healthy, youthful skin.
Worried about cholesterol?
Many of us worry about the high cholesterol content of the eggs, but studies would suggest this may be unfounded as the cholesterol in eggs does not circulate in the blood. In fact, the 5g of fat contained in an egg, most is monounsaturated, which is the type that helps lower the risk of heart disease.

Almond and its Benefits

The Almond

Did you know? That almond contains a nutrients that are good for keeping the skin youthful.

Almonds are rich and good source of protein that is needed for repairing and growth of cells. The nuts also contain more fiber than any other nut that helps maintain good digestion.

Almonds also contains calcium that helps to keep bones atrong and to stave off osteoporosis.

Do you want to enhance the flavour of almond?
- Just place the almond on pan and toast it in a low heat until golden brown.

Grapefruit and its Benefits

Grapefruit is known to be the perfect breakfast food and is fully loaded with antioxidants and is a powerful detoxifier.
Grapefruit like oranges, is also rich source of vitamin C for preserving youth skin. The pink variety, in particular, is a good source of potassium and bioflavanoids, which are both important for the circulation and heart as well as the skin and immunity.
Grapefruit contains pectin that helps eliminate cholesterol from the body.
Did you know? : You can use this fruit to tone your skin.

Kiwi Fruit and its Benefits

Did you know that a Kiwi fruit contain almost twice as much vitamin C as Oranges and more fibre than apples?.
Kiwi Fruit has a high level of vitamin C, which are a great for immunity booster and are particularly good for preserving a youthful skin.
Kiwi Fruit are loaded with lutein, which is good for the eyes, a carotene, which together with vitamins E and C, and it also helps reduce blood clotting as well as blood fats. Kiwi Fruit are also rich in potassium as bananas, preventing many age-related conditions from high blood pressure to insomnia and exhaustion. They also have fiber which helps to lower cholesterol and promotes effective digestion.

Banana and its benefits

Banana is one of the most nourishing fruits and it contain many important anti-ageing nutrients.

Bananas are also high in potassium, which keep high blood pressure in check and reduces the risk of heart desease. The Potassium works with sodium, this is to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in body cells, so in short term, bananas helps maintaining a healthy nerve and muscle function. bananas also contain tryptophan, which the body converts to serotonin that serves for a peaceful sleep.

Nutrients : Potassium, Fibre, and Vitamins B3, B5 and B6.

Facts : did you know that, it's good to eat banana in the morning?.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Orange and its Benefits

Orange (fruit), common name for citrus fruit of several trees. Different varieties include the sweet orange, the sour orange, and the mandarin orange, or tangerine.Orange trees are evergreens, seldom exceeding 9 m (30 ft) in height. The leaves are oval and glossy and the flowers are white and fragrant.

Three essential oils are obtained from oranges: oil of orange, obtained from the rind of the fruit and used principally as a flavoring agent; oil of petigrain, obtained from the leaves and twigs and used in perfumery; and oil of neroli, obtained from the blossoms and used in flavorings and perfumes.

According to Science:
The Oranges belong to the genus Citrus, of the family Rutaceae. The sweet orange is classified as Citrus sinensis; the sour, or Seville, orange as Citrus aurantium; and the mandarin orange, or tangerine, as Citrus reticulata.

The Health Benefits of an Orange:
It says that Oranges are a great source of iron and they can help you lower your cholesterol. According to the book that i have read, Oranges are a good source of calcium that is great for your bones, with Vitamin C and milk as an extra and important source of Calcium can help protect your bones from breaking. The purpose of Vitamin C, can help fight off bacteria and prevent colds and the flu. The Vitamin C is a great way to fight off airborne germs during the winter months. There are many different forms of Vitamin C, which are the actual orange and orange tablets. But I would suggest to have the actual orange because its all natural.

Did you know that Orange is one of my favorite fruit?
I love oranges even when I was a kid. From my early years, my mom used to buy bulk of oranges for the family, but now, I have to buy and pay for my own oranges since I'm not a young kid anymore.

Did you know that you can use the skin of the oranges for a Sauna Machine?
Actually, you can make use almost all types of skin fruits for a sauna but for me, oranges are the best. How? Just slice the skin into small pieces, then put it on the steamer of the sauna, more better if you add some sliced of tomato.

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